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Chris P Tee Virtual Comedy Magician and Zoom Party Host

Chris P Tee is Your Virtual Magician and Zoom Party Host

Amazing News!

Covid Safe Parties & Weddings allowed from May 17th 2021

Now Taking Bookings for Your Next Live Event


07976 884254


Since the Great Lockdown, I’ve successfully used my skills as a performer to bring laughter & magic to interactive shows as a Zoom Party Host.


Bringing my Stage to Your Home.


Hiring a Professional Zoom Magician and Party Host, means your event will always be upbeat and interesting, you will be entertained from start to finish and unlike having to "Go out to See a Show" (remember that?) you are being personally cared for in the comfort of your own home.

Zoom Party Host for All Ages, Anytime, Anywhere in the World.
Invite all your Friends, Family, Collegues & have fun with them.

Personalise Show, Happy Birthday Videos, Magic Lessons and More.

"Kid's Comedy Magic Show with Chris P Tee and Cheeky Chops"

Book a Show Now for a Tiny Fraction of Pre Covid Fees!

Invite Up to 100 Screens.

Kids/Family Magic Show £75 upto 30 minutes, £125 upto an Hour. Party times 1pm/3pm/5pm GMT, Monday to Sunday.


Low Income? No Problem, You invite At Least 30 Guests/Screens as long as they are all willing to Buy me at least a 1 Coffee @ £3 per screen AFTER the show, like Busking, then lets do it.

Worldwide shows available at Anytime or Adults Show only = Fee to be Negotiated. Just Ask.

Thank you for your support.



All kinds of Events, All Kinds of People, Around the World in Multiple languages. Infact, things have changed so much, I don't need my original websites anymore. Everything you need is on these few pages, that are easy to navigate. You can call me anytime for help and advice, I am here to help.


Hi there! I'm Christian P Taylor MMC (Member of the Magic Circle) and over the many years performing have gone by a couple of other names.

Chris P Tee the Magician and Family Friendly Comedian

Chris Doc Strange the Comedy Stage Hypnotist Bloke in a White Coat.

*Just call me Chris.

You can Invite ALL Your Friends, Family, Collegues. Upto 100 Screens. Most shows are 30 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on your needs and budget.


Give me a call or drop me a text on WhatsApp 07976 884254 and let's get you booked in.