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Chris P Tee is the Funny Kid’s Magician and Professional Children’s Entertainer in Bristol, Bath and Beyond.

When you need professional entertainment with a caring, helpful, reliable and experienced Magician, look no further. You May Try to Find Cheaper, You Will Not Find Better in My Price Bracket, Guaranteed. Chris P Tee is the Funny Kid’s Magician your Child Deserves.


Chris P Tee and Cheeky Josh



Chris P Tee the Children's Entertainer and Birthday Party Magician


Chris P Tee Entertainments provides professional Children’s Entertainers, Comedy Magicians, Close up Magicians, Comedy Stage Hypnotists, Kid’s Magicians and Personality DJ’s with Mini Discos to Big Rigs. You may even want a great Band, I can help you out there too.

Call me Now and see how I can help make your Special Event, Magical.

01454 858586 / 07976 884254

Chris P Tee Entertainments for Children’s Birthday Parties

Chris P Tee will make sure your Children’s Birthday Party is the one they enjoy the most with the least work for you.

When you book me, I make sure your Birthday child is the Star of the show and the Party. All ages are entertained, from Toddlers to Great Grandparents.

As a Magic Circle,  Kid’s Magician, you can be assured that the Children and Adults too will see with their own eyes, that the Magic is Real. You know, like Santa and the Tooth Fairy are.

When the Birthday Child Becomes the Magician’s Apprentice, when they have the Power of the Wand and the ability to make Magic Happen. Well, that’s when Magical Memories are Made and they Last a Lifetime.

For the Best Kid’s Magician and Children’s Entertainer, Call Chris P Tee, the Children’s Birthday Party Magician Today. You’ll Learn How to make Your Child’s Birthday Memorably Magical and a Lot Easier for you. Both Enjoying the Special Day, Together.

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“Fees depend on Your Requirements, Location and Type of Event, call me for a quote to suit your needs.”


Hearing the Sound of Children’s Laughter

See this recent video of 4 year old Reese and Chris P Tee at a Wedding. Hence the little chaps smart outfit. There were only 8 children there but you can hear how much they and the parent enjoyed the silliness. There’s no magic in this clip, except for little Reese’s laugh which is pure magic in itself.

When you need a Children’s Entertainer in Bristol, or Anywhere in the UK, Chris P Tee is the Professional Kid’s Magician that you need. So look no further and give me a call. I would love to help you organise your party. I can provide the sound system so that you have music with my Mini Disco, or you could just have the magic show.


Call me on 01454 858586 between 10am-10pm, Don’t hang up on the 4th ring, I’m a juggling all sorts and sometimes it takes a while to get to the phone. It will be answered! (Unless I’m in the Garden, the Shower, Having my Dinner, on the Loo, Watching Rick and Morty or at Bootcamp)

You can use the Contact Form to give me all your details and I will get back to you with availability.


Please Do Not Leave booking your party too late, Contact Me Now Before I Book up.

(I don’t want people to think I’m being pushy when I say this, they call and ask, they say they’ll call back, they wait a few days or a week or two and then finally call to say “We’d like to book you now” and I say “Sorry. That date is fully booked” it’s heartbreaking. They’ve booked everything else and forgot to book the brilliant entertainer they wanted first. Someone else has come along and said “Great, I want to book you now” and the date is booked. You know the saying “You Snooze, You Lose” but even if that is the Case, I can recommend another entertainer who can help you, if they are available. It won’t be me though. So, you know… Get on the phone)