Chris P Tee the Children’s Birthday Party Magician

“The Kid’s Magician Children Ask For” 

Chris P Tee the Children's Birthday Party Magician

Hire the Professional Children’s Birthday Party Magician, Chris P Tee.

And make sure your Child’s Party is the one they enjoy the most with the least work for you.

When you book a Stress Free Party, whoever you invite the Birthday child is the Star. Remember, if they are between 3 and 7 years of age, the Magic is Real.

Aged Four, Five, Six and Seven years of age..WOW, those are the years that everyone looks back on as the Age of Innocence and the True Belief in MAGIC.


Father Christmas, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, Monsters in the Wardrobe.


When the Birthday Child Becomes the Magician, when they have the Power of the Wand and the ability to make Magic Happen. Well, that’s when Magical Memories are Made.

Call Chris P Tee, the Children’s Birthday Party Magician Today. You’ll Learn How to make Your Child’s Birthday Memorably Magical and a Lot Easier for you. Both Enjoying the Special Day, Together.


Hearing the Sound of Children’s Laughter

See this recent video of 4 year old Reese and Chris P Tee at a Wedding. Hence the little chaps smart outfit. There were only 8 children there but you can hear how much they and the parent enjoyed the silliness. There’s no magic in this clip, except for little Reese’s laugh which is pure magic in itself.

When you need a Children’s Party Magician, look no further and give me a call. I would love to help you organize your party. I can provide the sound system so that you have music with my Mini Disco, or you could just have the magic show. 

Call me on 01454 858586 between 10am-10pm, Don’t hang up on the 4th ring, I’m a juggling allsorts and sometimes it takes a while to get to the phone. It will be answered!