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Who is Chris P Tee

Christian P Taylor MMC aka Chris P Tee is a Bristol based Magician, Comedian, Ventriloquist and Stage Hypnotist.

A publish author, traveller, philosopher, radio ham, movie buff and book lover.

Originally from Blackburn, Lancashire, Chris has travelled the World and ended up in Bristol where he met his wife of 20 years, Jane, who is "a Saint putting up with him" she says.

"I've entertained my whole life, I was on stage aged 5 years old, professional at 15. It doesn't matter how old I am now... Ahem. I don't feel a day over 30. Let's leave it there.

My daughters came up with the idea of me entertaining children again, after years as a stage hypnotist and adult comedian, I know, and making the change was the best thing ever.

There's nothing better than the sound of children's laughter, and they laugh at what I do, lot's. Much more than drunken adults! Kid's are the best.

I have Enhanced DBS as I often work in Schools and my shows are Covid Safe. I take Safety Very Seriously."

Christian is available to entertain Adults with Comedy Magic & Stage Hypnosis at his New Website which is being built right now, check it out at https://comedymagic.co.uk/
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Chris P Tee Looking Smart for Once
You can come to see Chris P Tee and Cheeky Chops perfoming thier "Family Magic Show" at Smoke & Mirrors Magic Bar in Bristol.
The Show is in a Victorian Themed Theatre that Seats 44 people post Covid, so it's Snug, Safe, Well Ventilated and Lots of Fun. Special Family Rates. Just Click the image below and search for Chris P Tee. The Show starts on the 3rd of July and Runs for 6 months.
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