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Who is Chris P Tee

Christian P Taylor MMC aka Chris P Tee is the Chipping Sodbury, Bristol based Entertainer and Magic Circle Magician

A publish author, traveller, philosopher, radio ham, movie buff and book lover.

Originally from Blackburn, Lancashire, Chris has travelled the World and ended up in Bristol where he met his wife of over 20 years, Jane, who is "a Saint putting up with him" (she says.)

"I've entertained my whole life, I was on stage aged 5 years old, professional at 15. It doesn't matter how old I am now... Ahem. I don't feel a day over 30. Let's leave it there.

My daughters came up with the idea of me entertaining children again, after years as an adults only comedian, I know, and making the change was the best thing ever. 

I still perform for adults, being a kid's entertainer was made me a better magician and performer all round, why?

Because Kid's can be Brutally Critical and Super Honest! 

So much so, that many pro magicians refuse to do magic for kids as it hurts their confidence. 

Not me though, I love it when kid's catch me out just before I blow their minds with real magic.

There's nothing better than the sound of children's laughter, and they laugh at what I do, lot's. Much more than drunken adults! Kid's are the best.

I have Enhanced DBS as I often work in Schools and my shows are Covid Safe. I take Safety Very Seriously."

Christian is available to entertain Adults with Comedy Magic with Cheeky Chops as the Mind Reading Herbert at https://comedymagic.co.uk/
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Sébastien de Montessus
 President and CEO of Endeavour Mining

Sébastien de Montessus

President and CEO of Endeavour Mining
Chris was absolutely Fab! Parents were amazed that our group of 15 kids (10 years old) could stay 2h under Chris charm and magic. The ventriloquist part was so funny. Overall I can only recommend Chris to anyone looking for a great time. (10 / 10)
Chris P Tee and a young boy dressed as a magician

Sarah Louise Jago

Very Happy Mum
Chris was great! We booked him for my sons 5th birthday party. The children loved him and laughed all the way through! They particularly liked his puppet. My son loved doing magic with Chris, his reaction to pulling coins out of thin air was priceless! (10 / 10)
Picture of a Blond woman, no idea who she is

Kellie MH

Chief Executive Officer
We had the pleasure of seeing Chris P Tee yesterday at a park fun day - he ran two separate shows and my 4 year old was completely transfixed through both. I’ve never seen him sit so still and be so engaged. He loved cheeky chops the puppet and the magic. Would definitely recommend Chris and would love to hire him for a kids party some day if I could. Thanks Chris!! (10 / 10)
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Chris P Tee Magician in Bristol serves the Whole UK & Worldwide, Entertaining Adults, Kid's & the Whole Family. Always happy to make Keynote or After Dinner Speeches and Entertainment for  Corporate Events.

Get in touch today if you'd like a professionally entertaining magician, ventriloquist and party host to make your child's birthday or your Wedding, Magical.

This show isn't just for kid's, while the children laugh out loud with comedy magic & puppets. The parents are in stitches laughing at the gags and antics that the kid's won't get.

For amazing and memorable Children's Birthday Party Magic Shows, Leave it to me, Chris P Tee!
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