Amazing Comedy Stage Hypnotist Chris Doc Strange

Amazing Comedy Stage Hypnotist Show with Chris Doc Strange

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Maybe you’ve seen a Stage Hypnotist, on TV or Street Hypnosis. Now witness a real, live Stage Hypnotist show where you can become the Star with professional Comedy Hypnotist Chris Doc Strange.

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Chris Doc Strange Hypnotist Show Has PLI and is Fully Insured by Blackfriers Insurance and he is a Published Author on the Subject of Stage Hypnosis, buy the Kindle or Paperback book “A Strange Way to Stage Hypnosis: The Honest Hypnotists Guide” here



You’ll be crying with laughter!

Amazing Entertainment, where your friends, family, colleagues and co workers get the chance to perform in ways they never thought possible. Giving them new powers to make you laugh and they feel famous.

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Who is Chris Doc Strange?

Christian P Taylor MMC is the brains behind Comedy Hypno Show and has been known as the Comedy Stage Hypnotist Bloke in a White Coat, Chris Doc Strange and has Hypnotized people around the World, entertaining Audiences with wild shows for nearly 30 years.

He’s a Published Author on the Subject of Stage Hypnosis and you can buy his A Strange Way to Stage Hypnosis Paperback Book at

In that time, Chris has hypnotized many, many people from all walks of life and as the people are different, the results are always incredible.

You’ll see your friends, family and colleagues become Rock Stars, Spacemen, Secret Agents, Cowboys and have Special Powers. It’s hilarious, good clean fun for all.

Where Does the Amazing Comedy Hypnotist Chris Doc Strange Perform?

You’ll find him entertaining British Army, The Royal Navy, The Royal Airforce, Channel 4, Premier League Football Clubs, B&Q, Tesco, Google, Yahoo, BMW and many more. He could be performing for you next.

There’s no need for a Stage, a Dancefloor will do or an open space, large room, small room, marquee, function room, nightclub, resturant, beach front cafe, anywhere really. Doc has seen it all.

Chris is a Published Author on Stage Hypnosis

Chris released his book “A Strange Way to Stage Hypnosis: The Honest Hypnotists Guide”

The Book is now available on Amazon and has been updated (September 2017) with 30% more information and answers to questions posed by readers. You can buy the Book as a Paperback or Kindle. If you are an Amazon Prime Member, you can Borrow the Book for Free!

A Strange Way to Stage Hypnosis : The Honest Hypnotists Guide is very honest and informative. It guides anyone who is interested in the subject of stage hypnosis, to become a stage hypnotist with the minimum of stress, bad purchases, unnecessary training seminars, books, videos and all manner of Get Rich Quick type schemes to fleece anyone who wants to learn more about becoming a safe and entertaining stage hypnotist.

With years of experience, Chris offers insight and advice with blistering honesty that is found nowhere else in the industry. Get the Book and Save Yourself a Fortune.

Amazing Comedy Hypnotist Show Video Clips

There’s only a handul of Stage Hypnotists in the Whole World who are Experienced Enough to Publish Full, Unedited Videos of their Show online. Most people prefer to watch short clips, that have been edited to show the good bits, hiding 95% of a Show. You need to See ALL of the Show to Know you are Dealing with a Professional Stage Hypnotist with Over 25 years Experience. Not Someone who started last Week,

You need to see these video clips, so you know how good and funny the Chris Doc Strange Comedy Hypnotist show is.
It’s a Million times funnier when it’s people you know that are Hypnotized!

See more hilarious YouTube videos of the Amazing Comedy Hypnotist Show by Chris Doc Strange in action and then  get your entertainment sorted.