About Me

Hello, I’m Christian Peter Taylor MMC aka Chris P Tee, the Funny, Kid’s Magician.

I’m a full time Children’s Magician, Entertainer and Member of the Magic Circle (that’s the MMC) based in Chipping Sodbury, on the Southern Part of the Cotswold Edge. Just North of the City of Bristol.

I live in Chipping Sodbury with my wife and daughters.

They are all from here, I am from a little place further North, Blackburn in Lancashire. I left there when I was 18 years young, to Travel and see the World. My travels have taken me all around the World and I landed here, in the medieval village we call home.

Chris P Tee Magician smiling in Glasses and Blue Bowler Hat

My daughters are in their early teens, but when they were born, I was here to be their doting dad and never left their sides. Best thing I ever did was staying at home to help them grow and teach them to be as daft as me.

During their preschool years I took them to lots of activity centres and anywhere we could find something to do. When they started school, we went to lots of Birthday parties. I was always disappointed by the “Entertainers” who either didn’t seem to even like kids, or couldn’t connect with them and not one Children’s Magician that made kids laugh they way I do.

Then, I saw Nutty Noah and my life changed. Here was a guy that is as daft as I am (maybe more so) who Loves Entertaining Kids and had a laugh with the parents too. After a chat, I was sure that there was a place for me, but didn’t do anything about it until my daughters Birthday.

It was my daughters idea that I started entertaining Children again,

“You can do my party Dad” she said and before I knew it, I did her friends Parties too. That was in 2010 and I’ve not looked back. I wish I’d started as a Children’s Magician sooner as it means that I don’t have to take bookings that are a 10 return drive on a Saturday night. I can and do work locally at Weekends and during the week get the odd booking too.

Back in the day, I was a Mobile DJ from the age of Eleven and by the time I was 14yr, was doing Birthday parties and school shows. I’d been a Magician since I was 7 and on stage at 5yrs, so it’s what I do.

When I travelled the World I was performing, in Holiday Resorts, Army Camps, Cruise Ships and the like. When ever I was back in Blackburn, I was performing in Working Men’s Clubs, Football Clubs, Pubs and everywhere else people went to get drunk and smoke. I used to hate coming home stinking of fags, even though I did it myself back then.

That was a long time ago, and thanks to all the Parties I perform at and the bootcamp I frequent, I feel younger and stronger than I did before becoming a Dad!

I don’t only do Magic. For years I entertained with my Stage Hypnotist Show as Chris Doc Strange, a madcap character that was a little bit naughty, but always look after his volunteers. It’s not that popular these days and I don’t fancy hiring venues and selling tickets.

The kind of shows I perform now are for Children’s Birthday Parties

ages 3 to 9 years old usually, mainly 4, 5 and 6 year old’s. Weddings are popular too.  It’s great when the kids get to do the magic and I just look like a fool. Funny stuff and I love it.

You can see me on YouTube

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