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What Happened to the GlowGadgets Business

GlowGadgets first came online in May 2001, I was selling Glowsticks, Rave Lights, Neon Paint, UV Glow Products and more. I ran GlowGadgets from home to be with my baby daughters and stopped entertaining for 8 years. It nearly drove me insane not performing. I didn’t have an outlet and even though I would occasionally get a nearby Hypnotist show, I would turn down nearly all of them. I really didn’t want to be far from my babies.
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The other problem that I had was working from home, I didn’t want to hire anyone. I tried it and didn’t work for me. I had to do everything by myself and it got very stressful. Especially during the Credit Crunch when many of my suppliers went bust.
So by 2010 I was ready to pack it in but didn’t know what do next.
My daughters suggested that becuase I did a great job making them and their friends laugh, maybe I should do children’s parties. Ha ha, an ex Blue Comedian and Stage Hypnotist, how would that work?
I didn’t have a chance to say No as our friends daughter wanted me for her party and I had a PA system and a few tricks up my sleeve. I did the party and was buzzing all day, I had kids laughing their little heads off and I loved it.

The following week I got another booking from that party and it snowballed from there. Little did I know then that this would be a major turning point in my life and the happiest one so far (after becoming a Dad and Getting Married, Obviously)


What Happened to Doc the Glow Gadgets Man?

Have no fear, I am still into my gadgets and lights, I just have other things to keep me occupied. You’ll now find me as
You will notice that the Massive GlowGadgets Website is no more, it was Huge and took me a minimum of 10 hours a day to keep it updated. I’m happy it’s gone, well, a little sad.
I learned a lot running GlowGadgets. Customer service is the one thing that I get right a lot. It’s important to me that my clients are happy and trust me, they pay me for the service, thankfully.
Check out the website, watch the videos and look after yourself. P.L.U.R x
GlowGadgets is rated 9.5 on Trustpilot

If it says “Scratched” “Broke” or “Working Perfectly”
Then it is, you can take my word for it. Or not and go away and waste your money buying crap on auction sites.

Or buy my crap and know that I am being honest about it.

There’s nothing on here yet, but I will add stuff when I have time.

It’s time to Move Away from FaceBook and start Creating my Own Content Again That I can Monitise. I’m sick of doing all the work for FB.

Email, Call or Tweet me Anytime. You Know Where I am.

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Glow Gadgets, Magic and Light. (PLURGGMAL!!)

Christian AKA Doc / Chris P Tee