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What Happened to the Business first came online in May 2001, I was selling Glowsticks, Rave Lights, Neon Paint, UV Glow Products and more. I ran GlowGadgets from home to be with my baby daughters and stopped entertaining for 8 years. It nearly drove me insane not performing. I didn’t have an outlet and even though I would occasionally get a nearby Hypnotist show, I would turn down nearly all of them. I really didn’t want to be far from my babies.
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The other problem that I had was working from home, I didn’t want to hire anyone. I tried it and didn’t work for me. I had to do everything by myself and it got very stressful. Especially during the Credit Crunch when many of my suppliers went bust.
So by 2010 I was ready to pack it in but didn’t know what do next.
My daughters suggested that because I did a great job making them and their friends laugh, maybe I should do children’s parties. Ha ha, an ex Blue Comedian and Stage Hypnotist, how would that work?
I didn’t have a chance to say No as our friends daughter wanted me for her party and I had a PA system and a few tricks up my sleeve. I did the party and was buzzing all day, I had kids laughing their little heads off and I loved it.

The following week I got another booking from that party and it snowballed from there. Little did I know then that this would be a major turning point in my life and the happiest one so far (after becoming a Dad and Getting Married, Obviously)


What Happened to Doc the Glow Gadgets Man?

Have no fear, I am still into my gadgets and lights, I just have other things to keep me occupied. You’ll now find me as
You will notice that the Massive GlowGadgets Website is no more, it was Huge and took me a minimum of 10 hours a day to keep it updated. I’m happy it’s gone, well, a little sad.
I learned a lot running GlowGadgets. Customer service is the one thing that I get right a lot. It’s important to me that my clients are happy.
Check out the website, watch the videos and look after yourself. P.L.U.R x