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Mob: 07976 884 254

Contact Chris P Tee Entertainments Today, Please let me know the type of entertainment you need, or if you are not sure, say so. I can help.

My Home address is at the bottom of the page.

For calls and bookings 10am until 6pm and then by text support until 10pm, every day (If I am eating or have guests, I’ll let you know!)

Always busy, Answering the phone, doing the websites, emails, texts, printing invites, Private Messages, Twitter, Facebook, Looking after my own Children, Making the tea, walking the dogs, feeding the cats, work around the house.

So please let the Phone Ring for a Minute or Two, if I don’t answer, Text me and I will call you back. Don’t just move on to the next website or number you find, you’ll be glad you waited.

Your Child’s Party is Important to Me Too. When you Hire Chris P Tee, it’s my Mission to make sure it’s the Best Party your child will have. It’s Not the Cheapest. I’m not expensive either, somewhere in the middle. Everyone who has hired me say “Chris P Tee is Amazing Value for Money” and you do know that you get what you pay for, right?

The Question you need to ask yourself is : “Do I Need a Professional Entertainer who Cares about his reputation of being a fantastic kid’s magician. Or am I looking to get someone for next to nothing who will add very little value to my child’s special day”

A rule of thumb when it comes to prices:

“Working Nights and Weekends Pay More than Weekday. Bank Holidays, Christmas, Easter, Family times pay more again.”

So if you are on a budget, weekday. If money is not your main concern, Bank Holiday.

If you need to know more about me, Google is your friend.

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Or, Use the Contact Form to send a message to Contact Chris P Tee, I’m great at what I do, you’ll be glad you contacted Chris P Tee, Guaranteed.