Enhanced DBS Checked Funny Kid’s Magician

Enhanced DBS Checked Since 2017

(So What? I Never Needed it Before, Still Don’t)


Enhanced DBS Checked

Although I am Enhanced DBS Checked (formerly the CRB), I don’t say it makes me a better entertainer than anyone else, it doesn’t .

“What I DO, How I Act and How I Perform is What Matters.”

The Enhanced DBS Check is a bonus. I got it from my Daughters School as we had an Exchange Student from Spain stay with us. It is still a Usless bit of paper that many institutions rely on rather than using Common Sense (Which is in short supply these days).

Chris P Tee has the Enhanced DBS Check, but is NOT NEEDED for Children’s Entertainers as they are always with other adults, such as the Birthday child’s parents for example. Follow the link and see what Equity say about it.

There are many fine children’s entertainers who DO Not Have a DBS, because they DON’T Need it. Before July 2017 I was one of them.

The DBS check only shows that someone has not been “Convicted” of an offence. It’s don’t mean they haven’t got away with it!

When a School or organisation wants someone to have sole responsibility for a child or vulnerable adult, it is up to them to them to request the check and pay for it. It is for their peace of mind, after all. It’s quite timely and expensive and UNNECESSARY to do it yourself.

I don’t see having the DBS Check as a Badge of Honour, I never did and my mind is not changed even though I am now the owner of the certificate.

Did you know: It is Actually Against the Law for a Company to Request the Details of the DBS Certificate? It’s to do with Data Protection and all that.

Anyone who uses having the DBS Check as a selling point for children’s birthday parties is misleading you. Plus, anyone who still claims to be “CRB Checked” is So far out of date, it’s not funny and you cannot ask for proof!

So why have I put it on my website, saying I am Enhanced DBS Checked? Why Not. It’s there, I’ll use it. But it means Nothing to anyone with Common Sense. It may be useful to people who think it’s important, but it’s really not.

If you need to know if I, or anyone else is any good (Read that as Entertaining and Safe with Kids), either see them work, ask around, read reviews, watch videos but don’t just rely on what they say about themselves, do your research. Find out if they are good and then decide.

After all, your Children are important to you, the least you can do when booking a performer is check them out first.

You can find out more about Chris P Tee by using a search Engine such as Google, DuckDuckGo or Bing. See what other people say about me by searching for Chris P Tee Reviews.

I teach children about Strangers and one of the first things I point out,  when I first meet them is “I am a Stranger” and what do they say?

“No You’re Not, You’re Chris P Tee”

That is a bit scary. To me at least.

I tell children that if they see me in the street, or spot my van, they can only say hello if they are with Mummy and Daddy. Otherwise, I’m just a stranger. It’s a Sad World, but we have to make sure that children understand Boundaries.

At a Party, surrounded by friends and parents = Just Fine

On your own, with only one friend = Not so

It breaks my heart…

Some kids just want to Hug me. Some kids Need to be hugged.

We need to teach Children how to protect themselves, to speak up when they are unsure, to feel safe reporting unwanted “Interest” and to Listen to them. Silly Certificates are not the way forward, communication is.


Look after yourself xx



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