Feeling Great and Back to Normal.

February was fantastic, working in Mumbai, India with some amazing entertainers and my fabulous management team.

Everyone I performed for was either a Bollywood star, TV star or just Multi Millionaires. Everything was included, my flights, food, transport, the lot.

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I was paid too and I got a free holiday. Until…

After 9 days of full on work, I took myself for a walk in the sun, for the first time not in a building. I was hungry and went and ate somewhere I shouldn’t have. A Western style Coffee Bar!

Well, I can tell you that food poisoning is no fun. Of course, you knew that. I just felt like saying it. My flights home were a horrendous. My doctor told me to cancel parties that I had, for the first time ever, I was gutted.

The whole of March was a bit of a struggle. I’m still off dairy products, not allowed that when in recovery.

I found Lacto Free Milk which is delicious. It’s a lot cheaper and tastier than Soya and Almond milk, it’s amazing in coffee and porridge and I’m hooked.

Cheese has been missed but when ever I have sneaked some, I’ve regretted it.

Other than that, I’m doing good.

OK, I have been naughty. I got a taste for my old Newcastle Brown Ale again. So had a few of those to build me up.

I’ve been running, I started the Couch to 5k. Then promptly did my left knee in. Well, got out of bed and had a serious “Ouchy” moment and struggled throughout the day. It’s stopped aching but makes a grinding noise, I know that ain’t right.

I’ll go for a swim later, try that. Zero impact. That’s two bad knees I have.

My sleep has improved, lots of restless nights after the FP. We bought a new mattress and that has made all the difference.

Pretty much booked up with parties there’s plenty of midweek spaces for toddler groups and schools, I offer special rates for those, so get in touch.

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That’s my honest update.

Look after yourself and be kind to yourself and others.

Magically yours,

Chris P Tee

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