Chris P Tee Magic Mini Disco

Hardly anyone will read this, but it's here for those who like to learn about the Stranger they bring into their homes and for the sake of total transparency.

 Before Covid, Chris P Tee Magic Mini Disco was The Children's Party Entertainer to hire.

Popular with parents who needed to keep children entertained and happy during a kid's birthday party.

The Most Popular service I offered was a 90 minute "Stress Free Party" which involved a 40 mins Comedy Magic Show, 40 mins Magic Mini Disco. This would usually be 10.30am - 12pm and 3-4.30pm allowing me time to perform evening shows for adults.

I started to get bookings all over the country with my Comedy Magic Show, not just local and I was driving everywhere in a big, empty van.

I was only carrying my box of tricks and small PA. People just wanted my magic show, close up magic or hypnotist show.

So, I sold my VW T5 van Nov 2019 (at a loss) and bought a suitable car for motorway travel. 6 gears, cruise control, comfortable driving... Nice.

Two months later, the Pandemic hit, I lost bookings, spent all my savings after I'd just cleared my debts and thanks to the bounce back loan (no furlough until July 2020), was in debt again. I wasn't going anywhere.

I wished I still had my van, I could have sold it in 2020 for what I paid for it!

In the two years since, I have streamlined my show and my services.

Thing is, post pandemic parties are more enjoyable, I'm having fun. 

Stress free for me at last!

We All Appreciated being out again, after lockdown, which in all honesty, nearly broke me as much as my finances.

 Performing shows from home, online and then garden parties and private homes with tiny audiences was lovely.

Now, everything is getting back to a new normal but there is one big change.

Shorter, smaller, more manageable parties. 

I was no longer being treated like a glorified baby sitter with lighting. Gone are the days of a hall full of kids running about bored and I have to calm them down and do their parents job (you know who I mean).

Structured but Cramped Parties like those pictured below are history, for now.

Stress Free Now, Means I arrive 30 minutes before the show to set up, play music and welcome your guests. It's calm, relaxed and fun for the whole family.

Once everyone is comfortably seated and I've "Warmed the Crowd" we start the show.

Parents enjoy the show with their children. It's their show too!

A One hour Comedy Magic Show with Chris P Tee and Cheeky Chops means I am usually with you for nearly two hours.

 Half hour set up, hour show, sing happy birthday etc and pack up while food is served.

I'm here to Help You.

I can advise with what works and what doesn't, all you do is ask. There's No Silly Questions, I've heard them all.

I will be 100% straight with you. Not everyone can handle that, some absolutey love it.

Honesty is ALWAYS the best Policy.

Party Times are now around 11am or 3pm. 

Middle of the day parties or those far enough away that I can't perform twice in a day, are charged double. Just ask.

Kid's Parties and Family Shows usually end no later than 5pm. After 6pm I charge more because my adult shows and weddings pay a lot more.

Hire the Chris P Tee Family Comedy Magic show.

I also offer two shows locally only that are just the time stated, non of the above.

In and Out Shows

a 30min Comedy Magic Show

a 45min Comedy Magic Show.

With these I arrive DURING the party proceedings. There's No Music. I place my box of tricks on the stand and crack on, make eveyone laugh. When the time's up I leave.

All I ask is that if you have a Bouncy Castle, Face Painter or other distraction, that they have a break during my show.

Oh and No Balloons/Footballs/Beach Balls on the floor, ever (Mayhem, trust me).

Obviously, If you're outside my Local Area, I will add travel on top, but only if you're outside a 30 min drive from Chipping Sodbury.

If you would like a professional Comedy Magic Show with a well respected Magic Circle Magician, I would love to entertain for you.

Get in touch today and see how I can help make your special day, magical.

It's easy to book me too, I ask for a non refundable booking fee to secure the date and the rest on the day. Unless it's a last minute booking, then it's in full at the time of booking.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I appreciate how busy you are and have your hands full. Let me make your child's special day memorable for all the right reasons, for them and you xx

Call/WhatsApp 07976 884254

Kid's Love to Dance with Chris P Tee
Familes Love Magic Mini Disco
Crazy Chris P Tee (0) 7976 884254

Chris P Tee Magician in Bristol serves the Whole UK & Worldwide.

Get in touch today if you'd like a professionally entertaining magician, ventriloquist and party host to make your child's special day Magical.

This show isn't just for kid's, while the children laugh out loud with comedy magic & puppets. The parents are in stiches laughing at the gags and antics that the kid's won't get.

For amazing and memorable Children's Birthday Party Magic Shows, Leave it to me, Chris P Tee!
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