Meet Roxy, Our Puppy Dog

My daughters begged me for this dog. I had no choice, I live in a home full of females, it was bound to happen. 

We’ve had pictures sent to us every day since the second she was born, I knew it would happen. I kept saying “Not another pet, really” deep down, I knew I would have no say in the matter. 

Even though I have allergies and couldn’t be more allergic to cats and dogs if I tried, my house now has two very large cats and two very small dogs. 

What can you do? Thank goodness for antihistamines. 

Anyway, my girls named her Roxy, she’s a Bichon Frise crossed with a Mini Jack Russell. Both parents are gorgeous and we’re mated on purpose, I’m told the dad needed a lift up. We shall say no more about that! 

After only 2 days, she has settled in and been accepted by the others. Sandy has even shared her bed. Not that she has a choice, Roxy just gets in the bed and pushes her way through. 

The biggest animal here is Gary, he’s a big black cat and he’s as laid back as a cat can be. He’s the only other male in the house, we stick together. 

Friday, the other cat is a killer cat. Always bringing gifts, so generous. She will sleep anywhere and apart from being a bit miserable, she makes me laugh. 

Last night, little Roxy was asleep in my hoodie and Friday came to sit on my lap. When a head appeared out of the zipper, Friday jumped out of her skin. I think she’d forgot we had the puppy. 

It’s cute having a baby around the house, Roxy is 8 weeks old and is house trained and bonkers. This tiny little bundle can’t half run and I need to look were I put my feet. Or she’ll get stood on. 

Or eat my toes. 

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