Mums Love a Good Kids Magician Too – Video Feedback

You know, it’s always nice when you get great video feedback from happy parents.

When Mums and Dads book me, who pay my wages. They say nice things because I’ve provided a great service and met or excelled their needs. If they are not happy, they’ll say so and I do my very best to make sure that never happens at one of my Children’s Birthday Parties. 

“Your Party’s Success is My Business”

So, it’s wonderful when mums who have brought their child to the umpteenth party that week,  find they are actually enjoying themselves at a kid’s party. I know, right!

That is a Chris P Tee Stress Free Party. It’s all about Family Entertainment.

Depending on the ages of the Children. the parents can get more involved and less prone to looking at their phone! 

“What’s that?” I hear you ask… “Parents taking their Children to a Party and spend their time their looking at their Phone?” Yes, just that. But when the parents realise that their child and their child’s friends are having fun, they get sucked in to the proceedings.

I say this all the time “Your little child will grow up really quick. I know it’s nice to have a break sometimes as they can drive you insane, but your can take my word for it, you’ll miss that crazy energy when they grow up. These are the moments you should enjoy Together, it builds happy memories for both of you. Live, Love, Laugh and Dance. At my parties, you’ll feel alive and for once in your day, not on the phone!”

Here’s a video clip of two lovely mums who thanked me for making the party fun for them. This really makes my day. Thank you ladies x

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