Professional Entertainers for All Types of Events

Do You Need Professional Entertainers for All Types of Events?

As a Children’s Entertainer and Funny Kid’s Magician and Member of the Professional Entertainers Union “Equity”, I am often asked:

“Do you do Adult Shows?” “Do you do Weddings” “50th Birthdays?”

my reply is always

“Yes of course, I entertain all ages in the most amazing venues for All Types of Events. What do you have in mind?”

The answer I get is usually 40th or 50th Birthday party as they want someone like Chris P Tee to entertain the Adults and make sure the Children enjoy it too. I also get asked to do Stag or Hen parties (not a big fan of those, too much alcohol and silly people to entertain) to more relaxed Cocktail parties, BBQ’s, Family Gatherings and even a quiet family get together with just a few friends in the living room.

9 times out of 10, you’ll find me at, Children’s Birthday Parties, Weddings and Christenings.


Christian Taylor MMC Gets the Laughs

The following celebration ideas are the other 10% that make my job extra interesting.

1st Birthdays.

It’s a celebration of the child’s first year and a great excuse for a family party that everyone will remember. Obviously,the birthday child who will see the pictures and videos when they are older and look at all the relatives they know wearing really unfashionable clothes.

Adult Birthday Parties 

not so much your 18th or 21st Birthday parties as the last thing they want is a Magician walking around and cramping their style (Banging Tunes, Beer and Teens on the Pull) .

A professional Magician is best suited for grown up, 30th, 40th, 50th Parties that tend to be more Adult and appreciate a personal performance.


Eid Parties

This is one you may not of heard of, it’s a wonderful Party that follows Ramadan. Which, as you know is the month of fasting. Well the Eid is your chance to put all that weight back on and have a party like it’s the end of Ramadan. These guys really know how to party too.


Football Clubs and Rugby Clubs

 have fundraising events as they need to get everything from Kit to Coach Travel and a Fundraiser is a great way to raise money for the season.


Beaver Groups, Rainbows, Cubs, Scouts, Guides and Cadets

all have parties and events. From Celebrations to Fetes, to Fundraisers. If there is a way to have fun and raise money, these guys excel.


Festivals, Fetes, Business Openings and Company Fun-days 

give me the opportunity to entertain everyone. Different ages, Races, Colours and Creeds. You name it, I get the chance to perform for All walks of life and it’s great fun. Meeting people who would not otherwise see my magic.


Pre-School, Nursery, Primary School, Reception Classes and other Educational Places

call upon a public speaker, entertainer, comedian, magician to either make certain classes extra interesting, or to wave farewell to those who are Graduating. It may be an “Anti Bully Campaign” one minute and the next “Stay Safe Online” for the big schools and then a Mini Disco and Magic Show for KS1 and KS2 as a Reward for 100% Attendance, Excellent Behaviour, or saying Goodbye to a Favourite Teacher. You name it, Schools have it covered.


You get the picture. If you need someone who can speak in front of hundreds, thousands, or a group of 10. Entertain and get an Educational Point across while being interesting and fun. The Chances are, you need to speak with a professional entertainer.

Give Chris P Tee Entertainments a Call. I would love to help and even if I am booked already, don’t panic. As I work with other Professional Entertainers, I can help you find the entertainer you need.

Call Mon-Fri between 10am-10pm 01454 858586 or Text me at Weekends for a call back on 07976 884254 / GiffGaff 07935 236 232


Other Types of Event that Benefit from Hiring a Magician

Funerals! I’m deadly serious (sorry) but some people want their end of life party to be a celebration, they want a Party Atmosphere and All Bright Clothing, Music, Magic and Fun.

People call Chris P Tee as I put the Fun in Funeral.

Also Housing Associations
Retirement Homes
Village Halls
Halloween Parties
Product Launches
Business Openings
Church Groups
Holiday Parks
New Year Celebrations
Easter Parties
Store Promotions
Shopping Centres
Youth Clubs
Naming Ceremonies
Community Centres
Corporate Events

and the list goes on…

You know where to find me, call, I’d love to help.

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