Talent and Experience Before Price

“Talent and Experience Before Price”

Chris P Tee and Cheeky Josh

When you want a job done properly, you hire an experienced professional. Obviously.

This is common sense, we all know it. However, we live in an age where people have been brainwashed to think “Cheaper is Best”

It isn’t. It’s Cheaper. That is all.

It is Not the Same as Talent and Experience.

When people choose the cheapest, they should be looking at the same item and buying from the cheapest that gives them the Service they are happy with. Look at Amazon. They offer products Cheaper than most High Street Retailers and Deliver it to you next day or even that Evening.

It’s the SAME PRODUCT you’d find everywhere else, only Cheaper and Fast Delivery (Service).

This is NOT the Case when you Hire a Children’s Entertainer.

Each One is Different and Going on Price on Hurts YOU or Your Child.

There are Entertainment Companies in the UK that will hire Young, Inexperienced and sometimes, Talentless individuals. Pay them a Pittance (20% what they have charged you) and send them to Your Child’s Special Birthday Party after only a few hours “Training” in the Art of entertaining Children. They give them the outfit, the props and send them off to “Keep the Kids Quiet for a bit”

Many do not stay in the business for long, it’s a quick turnover and makes a change from working in McDonalds.

Some parents are happy with Cheap.

Some people don’t care if they get a Professional Entertainer as long as they don’t need to deal with a room full of kids.

Stop Right There

Why do they have Party for their Child in the First Place?

You have a Party so that your Child and their Friends are Entertained, Amused and this builds Memories of a Happy Childhood.

Who want’s their child to remember the time Mum and Dad got someone to come to the Party and turn it into a nightmare? Some Clueless Jackass jumping around and being annoying, like that silly Uncle that comes round when you’re trying to get the kids to bed and winds them up.

There is an ART to Entertaining Children. There is an ART to being an Entertainer.

My Job is My Life. I have been on Stage since I was 5 years of age. I was Born to Perform.

They may be Younger, they May be Fitter, Better Looking, but I will Tell you this, there’s non of these part timers, that are as Experienced as me (and other Real Entertainers) as passionate about making people happy and bringing laughter to the masses. It’s what we do. It’s who we are.

Top Tips for finding a Great Kid’s Entertainer:

  • Do a Search and Read all the great reviews and two not so great about them. Any Children’s entertainer worth their salt has loads of great reviews too. Find them and read them and then hire them.
  • Find video’s of the entertainer, see what they’re like.
  • Ask around, find out who has hired them and see what they think.
  • Follow them on FaceBook and see what they post about (I’m a Socialist and tend to be a bit of a Lefty in my posts)
  • Call them and have a chat. See what they are like to talk to. You can usually get an idea of professionalism right there.
  • Don’t Rely on Fancy websites. A few quid and some skill can make anyone look good, and you can say what you like about yourself, is it true?

So when some company tells you “anyone over 30 is past it” think about WHY they are saying this.

They want You to Pay them so they can sit on their backsides while some feckless fool does all the hard work, badly. They don’t care, it’s hardly repeat business. Besides, if you got it Cheap Enough, you might not care.

Your Child Will Care and it’s them that will One Day be choosing your Nursing Home, so pay more, get someone Experienced and say NO to Agencies and Businesses who really couldn’t care less.

When you Want a Professional, Talented, Funny Entertainer, Leave it to me, Chris P Tee.

The price you Pay for a Professional is Long Forgotten. Unlike the Cheap Price you’ve paid to make you feel like a fool.

Call, Check my availability. Even when I am Unavailable, I will either help you choose a date when I’m free. Or I will point you in the direction of another Professional who cares about your child’s party being a success as much as I do.

Talent and Experience Before Price, Any Day.

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