Who would have thought, only a year ago, we would be having parties online and spending our time in lockdown?

These are unusual times, that's for sure.

So when it's time for a Birthday, Anniversary or other occasion, what do you do?

Well, if you are a reasonable person, you don't get all your mates round and have a super spreader party,. You have a quiet party at home, residents only.

To be fair, I would be very surprised if you hadn't taken part in a Zoom call or twenty over the past year. You may have found some of them to be a little bit on the uncomfortable side. It it cruel to say Boring?

The Zoom events you may have enjoyed the most are the ones with a host. A host with the most, where have I heard that before?

When there's more than a handful of friends in the call, it can get messy. That is where the host shines.

I've years of experience entertaining huge audiences to small family gatherings. It's actually a fun to have a Zoom Party Host that'll entertain and conduct the event in an interesting way.

This is what I and many of my Magician friends have been doing. Some are like TV producers in their knowlage. Others, like me, have the natual gift of the gab and love making people laugh. Bringing family with friends together is very rewarding.

Heck, I've converted half of my tiny office into a stage and production suite. I can perform, control and record the show. With a real stage background, lighting, sound and props. It's quite something and ready to go with moments notice, though a couple of hours is better.

Is it easy? Not really, each Zoom can be a challenge and it's a learning curve everytime. Pretty much like every live show I have ever performed.

Why? Because people are different. There are lots of variables that a professional can adapt to and make sure the audience is well Entertained.

I have to tell you, it's a lot more fun and rewarding than Not performing. When I see my audiences faces and their reactions so clearly. It almost makes me wonder why we didn't do this kind of thing years ago. OK, the technology may not have been there. I never checked and who would have done it?. It is now and I am all for making it work.

Sit at home, detatched from our friends and family, or get online and have a Virtual Party. Your friends from around the World can experience and be entertained with us.

That is the Unique and Special part about the Zoom Shows, is the ability to reach out and be together while so far apart.

It won't be long before we can do this in a Virtual 360 space, with our headsets on and be in an actual room togther. The technology will grow and improve. We will have haptic feedback suits that we can wear and feel the touch of another person. We will adapt and in doing so will make the World a much smaller, friendlier place.

Imagine being able to visit any part of the World and feel the enviroment, see the sights as if you were really there and even the smells too. Oh yes, that is on the way. It might take some time before it's truly affordable, but it will get there.

Virtual Reality has taken 30 years to get to where it is now. You can slip your mobile phone into a headset and away you go. You can buy headsets like the Oculus, the Hive, the PS5 and so on, with more power, better graphics and surround sound.

By having a Zoom party, you are investing in the future of human interaction. It might feel a bit odd now, a little strange but before long, it's a normal as having the entire internet in your pocket.

The Future is Bright, the Future is Virtual.

You can book your Zoom Party Host, Chris P Tee Magician by calling
07976 884254 or using the Contact page.

Thanks for reading.

Stay Safe and be Kind to Yourself and Others.

Christian xx


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Sébastien de Montessus
 President and CEO of Endeavour Mining

Sébastien de Montessus

President and CEO of Endeavour Mining
Chris was absolutely Fab! Parents were amazed that our group of 15 kids (10 years old) could stay 2h under Chris charm and magic. The ventriloquist part was so funny. Overall I can only recommend Chris to anyone looking for a great time. (10 / 10)
Chris P Tee and a young boy dressed as a magician

Sarah Louise Jago

Very Happy Mum
Chris was great! We booked him for my sons 5th birthday party. The children loved him and laughed all the way through! They particularly liked his puppet. My son loved doing magic with Chris, his reaction to pulling coins out of thin air was priceless! (10 / 10)
Picture of a Blond woman, no idea who she is

Kellie MH

Chief Executive Officer
We had the pleasure of seeing Chris P Tee yesterday at a park fun day - he ran two separate shows and my 4 year old was completely transfixed through both. I’ve never seen him sit so still and be so engaged. He loved cheeky chops the puppet and the magic. Would definitely recommend Chris and would love to hire him for a kids party some day if I could. Thanks Chris!! (10 / 10)
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